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I’m Fleur Iannazzo and I am dedicated to simplifying the way you talk and think about money.  
When you go through major life changes – like moving in with a partner, having children or making major investment decisions – talking about money is crucial.  But do we do it?  Hell no!
Often we are more prepared to disclose embarrassing details about our personal lives – but cannot bring ourselves to talk about how much money we make, or spend.  
After 18 years in finance, I know that even bankers struggle with money conversations.  That is why I am on a mission to help my clients navigate difficult conversations so that they can make the best financial decisions possible.
I know that you don’t want to waste time with faddish coaching techniques, which is why I hold a MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change from Henley Business School. As a Chartered Financial Analyst, I am qualified to discuss complex financial concepts, and am dedicated to the high ethical standards required to be a member of the CFA Institute.  Furthermore, I am an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

WTF Money – Making Money Conversations Easier

About Fleur
Fleur Iannazzo, CFA


Helping you take control of your finances, so you feel more in control of your budget, your savings goals and your life.

Change your spending habits

Discover what drives your individual spending patterns.  Identify sustainable changes that work for you so that you have more money in your account at the end of the month.


Are you stuck when it comes to investing? Do you find it tricky to put your knowledge into action? Find out what is holding you back and start making investment decisions that work for you.

Getting Paid

Whether you are self-employed or salaried, we all need to get paid for our work. Make money conversations comfortable and get paid what you are worth.

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Want to improve your finances, but don’t know where to start? Book a Conversation Starter to work out what you should be focusing on.

Individual Sessions

For when you want to invest in yourself and get support with what is important to you and your financial health.

Seven Session Solution

Transform your money conversations, change your spending habits, get paid and make your money work for you. A personalised money overhaul – this will be the best investment you will ever make.

What does money coaching look like?


You are frustrated with all the money information out there and have no idea how to make it all work for you.


The first coaching session is a Conversation Starter. In this confidential 60 session we discuss what is important to you. Some people call it a therapeutic conversation (although it’s not therapy) and we clarify what is important to you. There is no obligation to continue from here.


Follow on sessions are 90-minutes long, and you can choose to purchase these on a pay-as-you-go basis, or in a package to take advantage of a discount per session. I provide personalised exercises and actions to complete in your own time. I recommend 3-4 weeks between sessions.


Depending on what you want to work on, you can expect to spend 2-3 sessions on each specific money issue. Remember, coaching is coaching – I cannot run the race for you. I recommend that you take the skills you have learned and practice them in the real world! You can then come back to me for follow up sessions, as you like.


I have never spoken about money in this way before, it’s extraordinary!Fleur helped me think about issues in a completely different light and take the stress away from chasing up invoices.

Mike / London, UK

Fleur gives you a no bullsh*t guarantee when it comes to talking about money.I was able to discuss any and all of my money worries, without judgement or finger wagging.She is so supportive and has helped me change the way I deal with money – completely.

Courtney / Wellington, New Zealand

Thank you for your time Fleur!I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

Michelle / Birmingham, UK