Money Tips from Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

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Sometimes the best money management tips come from the most unexpected places. 

Immortalised by Marilyn Monroe – and with numerous covers – Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend is one of those classic songs that stand the test of time.  You may have never visited an automat or had to get ice for your boss’s drinks – but there are some timeless money gems…


Money Tip #1 – Have a WTF Fund for emergencies

“There may come a time when some hard-boiled employer thinks you’re awful nice.  But get that ice, or else no dice.”

For anyone not self-employed, dealing with the whims of employers and companies is part and parcel of receiving a salary.  In the current market, employees – not employers – are responsible for ensuring a safety net if they are suddenly unemployed.  That is why building your own WTF Fund (a.k.a. the Whatever The F**k fund) is essential.  More polite people might call this an Emergency Fund, a Running Away Fund or a Freedom Fund.  Whatever you call it, the only person you can rely upon, to make sure you are financially safe if you lose your job, is yourself.


Money Tip #2 – What’s happening in the market can affect your relationships

“He’s your guy when stocks are high, but beware when they start to descend…”

The euphoria of seeing your wealth grow as stock markets climb, property markets grow, and bonuses are immense often leaks into our relationships.  Many people feel like they can take more risks in their private lives and spending, which can negatively affect their relationships and wallets.

Conversely, the stress of losing one’s wealth can also bleed into how we deal with and talk about money with our intimate partners.  Low-level anxiety promotes avoidance – and problems get too big to resolve.


Money Tip #3 – You can’t do your current job forever

“Time rolls on, and youth is gone.  And you can’t straighten up when you bend.”

The days when we worked the fields until we collapsed into our graves are over.  But many jobs still rely upon youth, energy and unencumbered calls on your time.  High pressured, on-call-all-the-time roles disproportionately rely upon a supply of young, energetic, single people.  Take a look at your position, and imagine what it will be like when your life changes.  It will look very different.

We all have a bias to assume that what is happening right now (good or bad) will last forever.  Our paychecks will continue to arrive, our bonuses will be chunky, I’ll always be able to work, and I won’t have any other calls on my time.  However, the truth is that one day, things will change – and it might not be for the better.  Have you prepared for this day?  (Some might call it retirement.)  Do you have insurance in place if you get injured?  Have you saved up enough to put time into starting a family?



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