Introducing the Money Pizza

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Use this financial coaching tool to increase your financial confidence and break money taboos

Think about money differently

Do you think that being good with money is all about being good with numbers?  Do you struggle when it’s time to talk about money? Well my friend, it’s time to think differently.  In my financial coaching practice I have created a tool called the Money Pizza which invites you to consider your money another way.  Using it will increase your financial confidence, and help you figure out which money areas you need to improve.  It’s a tasty treat.

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I have been told that any decision that you make about yourself is emotional.  As I have said before, dealing with money can be especially charged.  But how can you diffuse that tension and emotion which you carry into a money conversation? How can you break the taboo around talking money?

Presenting The Money Pizza!

Using the Money Pizza I encourage you to think about five areas of your financial life: income, outgoings, your cash buffer (or ability to access your own money when an emergency hits), investments and your use of debt.

Which areas do you feel most comfortable dealing with and thinking about?  Which areas do you feel less comfortable about?  Why could that be?  Are there any behaviours that you can identify which might help you improve your situation?  What are the repeating patterns that come up?

It’s not just about the numbers

Think about your wider behaviour – because this often bleeds into how we behave with our money.  How much do you identify with the following five statements?

  • I am financially flexible.
  • I uphold values of honesty and integrity in everything I do.
  • I take accountability for my actions.
  • I am not afraid to review my finances.
  • I am happy to make financial decisions.

Say these statements out loud.  Notice how you feel when you say them. Without doubt there will be some kind of emotion that you feel as a physical sensation first.

Do you feel a little icky?  Maybe your stomach clenches a little even just reading these statements.  Is there tension in your shoulders?  Did your throat close up as if it were harder to get the words out?

Or did you suddenly have a feeling of relaxing a little into your chair with the thought: yes, this is me.  What does your reaction tell you about yourself?  Are there times where you have felt better or worse about these statements?  Why might that be?

Start the money conversation

Give yourself time to go through each of these areas.  You might even want to do it with a partner or trusted friend.  Talk about it together – and see what you can discover about yourself.  Neither you nor I learn alone – we all discover new things when we have someone else to talk to.

The more we talk about money, the more we can erase the taboo.  It’s good for you, it’s good for your family and friends.  And yes, you can do it over pizza.

Talk to me

Would you like to discuss your discoveries in a confidential and non-judgmental environment?  Book in a free 30 minute consultation with me and find out more.

I will be writing much more about each of the pieces of the Money Pizza in the weeks to come – so make sure you are subscribed to get all the updates!

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