Free Consultation

30-minute session

A chance for you to ask questions. We meet each other via a video or phone call so that you can understand more about next steps.

Ask me anything (and get some answers)

120-minute session

Are you struggling with the whole money thing and simply don’t know where to start? Are you overwhelmed by information and need some guidance which is tailored just for you?

3 Session Fix

3 x 90-minute sessions

What would you pay to hire a financial fairy godmother? Do you know the issue you want to tackle, but need someone by your side to help accelerate your progress?

Are you preparing to make a big decision and need someone who is unattached to help you think straight? You will be in safe hands with the 3-Session Fix.

Negotiate (without losing your soul)

7 x 90-minute sessions

Do you think of negotiation as a hostage situation – where you are the hostage? Do you believe only table-thumpers get what they want?Do you fear having to sell your soul in order to get paid?This package is for anyone who wants to lose the guilt and shame of asking for what they want and need.Whether it is negotiating a pay package, or managing a tricky break up – you need special skills.

Money Matters Overhaul

10 x 90-minute sessions

Using the unique Money Pizza tool, we have a frank and open look at all aspects of how you manage your money.From income and outgoings, to debt and investment.From money beliefs to bad behaviours – we look at it all and discuss the changes that will be best for you.

Be prepared for some hard work, and a profound change in your life.This package will put you on your financial feet, for good.Invest the time in yourself and the effort will pay off time and time again.

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