Recent Testimonials

I have never spoken about money in this way before, it’s extraordinary! Fleur helped me think about issues in a completely different light and take the stress away from chasing up invoices.

Mike / London, UK

Fleur gives you a no bullsh*t guarantee when it comes to talking about money. I was able to discuss any and all of my money worries, without judgement or finger wagging. She is so supportive and has helped me change the way I deal with money – completely.

Courtney / Wellington, New Zealand

Thank you for your time Fleur! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

Michelle / Birmingham, UK

I realise I know more than I think I know about money, and can make my own financial decisions.

Steve / Cardiff, UK

With her background in global banking, curiosity and passion for her work, Fleur brings a wealth of knowledge. She allowed me to explore my behavioural habits and defaults, through her authentic, insightful and present demeanour. I feel credibly equipped to continue this process for myself – making her work invaluable.

Isabel Pollen / London, UK

Fleur taught me to recognise my thought patterns and feelings surrounding money which enabled me to make positive financial changes. She has provided me withe the tools I need to manage my money and build my savings.

Jessica K / Florida, United States