About Fleur


What some friends say to you:

“It’s easy!  Make a budget and stick to it.  There’s an app for that.”

What other friends say to you:

“You have nothing to worry about.  Your income is five times what I make.  You have it made.”

What now ex-friends have said to you:

“But you were always bad at maths.  You’ll never be good with money.”

What you say to yourself:

“I know I can make this work, but I just don’t know where to start.  I have read everything that I can, and have downloaded all the apps, but none of it seems to work for me.  I know I’m not stupid, but this just all seems so overwhelming.”

Fleur Iannazzo, CFA

What I say to you:

“I’ve been where you are, and I know how isolated and tough that can be.  Sometimes you just want a friend to talk to, and sometimes you want someone who can act as a personal trainer for your money.  When your life is changing around you, you can trust me to help you through the tough emotional bits – and also steer you in the right direction in managing your own money.”

What you really want to know is…do I actually know about finance and money?

That is a very loud YES.  As a CFA charter-holder (search for me here) I maintain a high level of understanding about current financial products.  In fact, the CFA is considered the ‘gold standard’ of financial training.  I’ve spent over 15 years working in the banking industry in London, Hong Kong and Australia – and know how it works behind the curtain of finance.

In addition, I am a qualified executive coach holding the Professional Certificate of Executive Coaching from Henley Business School.

I’ve successfully helped:

– New parents make money decisions and manage their cash flow so that they can feel secure in building their financial future.

– Individuals make the important decisions about purchasing homes versus other investment opportunities.

– Professional women to become razor sharp negotiators, without sacrificing their souls.

– Separated singles successfully adjust to a new financial life after divorce or long term relationship break up.

– Established finance professionals break down communication barriers in talking about money.

But what does success actually mean?

It means that after working with me, my clients have the skills to make these decisions successfully for the rest of their lives.  For me, the ultimate success is when a client says to me ‘Thanks!  I think I can do this on my own now.’